About Us

J. Hershey Architecture is a premier full service architectural firm that provides design, engineering and consulting services to assist property managers, condominium associations, HOA’s, single family homeowners and commercial building owners in preserving the integrity of their community and protecting their investment.

"My satisfaction comes from solving complex issues and being the 'go to' professional for our clients' needs." - John Hershey

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"Excellent design and expert attention to detail"
- Daniel Rapp, M.D.
"Everything delivered as promised"
-Tom Kreuser, Century 21 Kreuser & Seiler
"Your input has been invaluable."
-David Harnish, President of Charter Hall Homeowners Association
"Mr. Hershey can provide outstanding services to your company as he has done for us over the years."
- Eadka, DK Condo


Caulk is a great product when used properly, but very often it’s use exacerbates the issue rather than correcting it. If you have water infiltration issues please give us a call before attempting to make the repairs.

Due to recent failures of some aging rooftop water storage tanks on historic Chicago buildings, many Associations are choosing to have them removed if no longer in use. This past weekend we performed construction oversight for the removal of the water storage tank shown below. This particular building was built in 1921 and converted to […]

Check out our July issue of the The Blue Print which features an update on John’s recent travels to our Orlando office and an upcoming speaking engagement with CAI Central Ohio! This issue also covers the wide variety of expert services we can offer property managers to simply their lives and be the one-stop firm […]